( Nala)

Is this really true

That I must marry Scar

I just can’t go on

It’s a bridge that’s much too far

All my hopes and dreams are shattered

I’ve just got to leave

There’s nothing left to live for, to believe


Nala hold on tight, be as brave as you can be

It’ll be alright, you just wait and see

At the end of every tunnel,

There’s a light where you can leave,

Trust me my dear child, you must believe.


How can I go on

When I look around I see

Everything is gone

That meant so much to me

Now our land is ruled by evil Scar

Who will bully and deceive

How can you expect me to believe.


If you give up  now

And go without a fight

There will be no day

Only darkest , endless night

You must stay strong

You must stand tall

You must not take your leave (I know how you must grieve) *

But most of all my child you must believe.


Your words are full of wisdom

But I know what I must do


If you must leave from Pride Rock

Then my blessing goes with you

(Nala and Serafina)

And though we may be parted

There’s so much we can achieve

For in our hearts forever we’ll believe

In our hearts forever we’ll believe.